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Which Cartoon has a better depiction of life after the apocalypse? Adventure Time or Thundarr The Barbarian? 

2 deviants said Thundarr
1 deviant said Adventure Time
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Wow Just Wow

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 26, 2014, 9:34 AM
  Why do I get the feeling that the whole premise for Anya's Ghost came off of my D.A. account? I'm not saying it did because people can come up with similar ideas, but if it did, I'm not angry, I'm actually flattered that my life is actually interesting enough for somebody to make a graphic novel and win a Talbot award based on it. Anya first appeared to me as a split alter personality right after the incident where I was hanging out on the boardwalk with my band mates; Nancy, Susanne and Eileen when this freakishly large lady came right up to me and started screeming in my face that she was going to murder me because she knew I was gay. This was a really bizarre accusation because, first of all, I had no idea who that lady was because I had never seen her before in my entire life and secondly, I had a boy friend, even back then when I was a young teenager. So anyways this lady keeps following us around while continuing to scream in my face. The more I tried to ignore her the louder she screamed. Finally she got tired of following us around and screaming, so she picked me up, threw me up in the air and let me land on my back on the hard concrete. She then pulled out a knife and cut me on my face and neck before she ran away. Later I had found out from Nancy, Susanne and Eileen that this woman was from Forked River. That's why nobody in Keansberg knew her. And also my mom had slept with this lady when she was cheating on my dad with woman. So Anya appeared to me as my protector.

Soon after I had left for college, I had lost touch with Nancy, Susanne and Eileen. I also became strong enough to take care of my self so I down graded Anya to an O.C. that I created. In 2010 when I first joined D.A., I brought Anya out as a hardcore punk girl along with Nancy, Susanne and Eileen. In October the real Eileen was killed in a fatal car crash and for the next couple of months I drew Eileen in several different afterlife possibilities. 

Other coincidences that opened up my mind were; In Ayna's ghost, Anya is an immigrant from Russia which directly correlates with the fact that I had been cosplaying Russia APH for 2 years And finally the biggest indisputable piece of evidence is that in 2010 I had met someone on this site who I originally thought was really cool but turned out to be the biggest scum wad in existence. I had been amply warned that this lady was so bat shit crazy that she couldn't keep friends for more than 2 weeks. However, I didn't like listening to rumors. So anyways this crazy lady, yes she's now over 21, had her panties all in a knot because I decided to keep the fictional version of Eileen as a teen age, female demon. For the longest time she'd been accusing me of stealing her male homosexual ghost who is obviously a Dark Shadows rip off being that, like Barnabas, Alfie Hyde sat in a coffin 6 feet under the ground, for 100 years. She accused me of stealing Alfie in order to make Eileen. She had even told me that she was going to take all of my ideas and sell them to her instructors, just to get revenge on me. 

      SO THE Moral Of This Story Is
1) Copyrite everything and I mean legally through Washington D.C.
2) Assume that what you are talking to on line is not a person unless you have seen their face in real life
3) When somebody shows you who they are believe them.
 I'm just saying

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Jessie Fox
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Mind Control enemy number 1, understand.


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10 facts about me:

1) I love extreme sports

2) I hate wearing make up and dresses or doing anything remotely girly

3) I have two sisters who are girly girls

4) I play electric guitar

5) I upload birthday cards to my childhood friend who died in a car crash over 3 years ago in hopes that maybe in some way she'd see it.

6) I've been punk since I was 11 years old

7) I love animals and I have 2 dogs, a parakeet and a fish. I used to have a turtle but she grew to be over a foot in diameter and was thus too big for me to keep so I ended up giving her over to an Aquarium.

8) I've always lived near the beach and I can't imagine myself living far away from the ocean.

9) My favorite museum exhibit is The Human Origin Exhibit at The Museum Of Natural History

10) I am a total nerd who's pet peeve is dealing with really stupid people.



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